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www elig orgN. Kroes, EC Vice-President and A. Vassiliou, EC Commissioner Education & Culture recently launched the initiative “Opening up Education” and expressed a wish “to open up European education and make every classroom digital by 2020.”


F. Khalek, ELIG Chair and Vice President HE & AL, Pearson is “fully supportive of the initiative and keen on leading the way in its implementation. ELIG and its entire member constituency will not only take part in all 4 aspects of the initiative but will also assist in putting in place parallel initiatives that would ensure the efficacy of such an approach and give evidence for better outcomes”. ELIG´s position statement on “Opening up Education” will personally handed over to EC-Director P. Mairesse on 5th of December at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN.


About ELIG


ELIG brings together representatives from all sectors, cultures and disciplines to engage in a dialogue on education challenges of the 21st Century. Within ELIG you will find a platform not only for inspiring discussions and exchange of ideas and best practice, but also for partnering with other members. ELIG is closely interacting with European institutions like the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions. We also engage in our initiatives with international organizations like the OECD, the United Nations and UNESCO. ELIG has extensive experience in launching initiatives supported by the European Union and supports its member organization in developing successful European public-private partnerships within programs such as FP7 and the LifeLongLearning Programme and is closely involved in shaping the new programmes Horizon 2020 and ERASMUS for all.




ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is a meeting point for inspiring discussions, networking and exchange of ideas and best practice, from 4th – 6th December in Berlin. Here are the opportunities you have to meet ELIG at the Conference:


The EU-backed initiative we.learn.it gives European schools ideas for sustainable learning through creative expeditions
4th December, 17:00 CET
Inspiring discussions and insights within the Panel Session “we.learn.it or the Classroom of the Future” at the School Forum, with representatives from Google Geo Data, the German Space Centre / DLR School Lab and the “Climate Expedition Germany-China-Russia”. Moderated by Claudia Didjurgeit, ELIG Senior Advisor.


Personal hand-over of ELIG´s position paper
5th December, 14:30 CET
This new initiative was officially launched on 25th September followed by a video message from Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission at the opening ceremony of the ELIG Annual General Meeting, 26th September. The workshop session “Opening Up Education and Erasmus+: New Initiatives of the European Commission” at ONLINE EDUCA illustrates how reforms in education are paramount for growth, competitiveness and equality. ELIG´s key points of the statement will be personally handed over to EC-Director Pierre Mairesse by Elmar Husmann, ELIG Deputy Secretary General.


Hands-on workshop “How to guide Innovation in a Changing Education Ecosystem”
6th December, 11.45 CET
Join this panel of experts testing cases within an interactive workshop around the Pearson Efficacy Framework, organised as a part of the EU FP7-funded HoTEL project “HOlistic approach to Technology-Enhanced Learning”. Moderated by Andreas Meiszner and Elmar Husmann.


Schools communities as learning innovation catalysts for social change
6th December, 14.30 CET
Hear how concrete initiatives at the right time and the right place can make a change, as illustrated by Florence Rizzo, ELIG Fellow in discussions, and Lieve Van Den Brande, Principal Administrator at the DG Education and Culture of the Commission, in a session entitled “Innovation and Learning Communities for a Sustainable Social Economy”


The complete programme can be accessed here.

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