Opening up Education

A recent study of 200 European universities has shown that while one third of them were considering implementing a form of massive open online course, a further third of them did not even know what a MOOC was. ... Read More

Educating Rigveda (and other stories)

Kenya and Nigeria are two of the crucibles of Africa’s tech revolution: yet the news from each of them this week presents a stark contrast. As do the findings of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills – good news for Finland and Japan, less so for the US and UK. All ... Read More

The underlying inequality of MOOCs

Anybody who has been paying any small amount of attention to educational headlines in the past few years will be well rehearsed in the proposed benefits of MOOCs. A cursory online search will provide you with e... Read More

The Workplace of the Future

Jeanne Meister is leader of the 2020 Workplace Network and author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today (Harper Collins), which won the 2011 Bellwether Award, has been on the bestseller list for 80... Read More

OERs and MOOCs: Old Wine in New Skins?

Neil Butcher is Director at Neil Butcher and Associates and OER Strategist at OER Africa, an Initiative of the Southern African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE). As an expert in OERs, and believer in th... Read More

The shaky future of higher education

In the opening session of ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2012 keynote speaker Sir Michael Barber argued an avalanche was coming to disrupt the future of higher education. He spoke about the falling value of a bachelor deg... Read More