Online Exam Supervision: Live Proctoring vs. Automated Proctoring

Almost all sectors of modern society have been affected by digitisation in some way. Processes and structures in business, politics, and science are undergoing far-reaching changes as they gradually embrace the opportunities digitisation can provide. In the German education sector, the potential for digitisation has not been fully explored. Still, there are many relevant opportunities, like online proctoring for example.

Online proctoring, essentially digital exam supervision, allows for location-independent testing while still maintaining the integrity of exam results.

Online proctoring solutions are practical in various testing scenarios, including:

  • Aptitude tests or entrance exams: Because they are highly scalable, online exams can be used to optimise the reliability and effectiveness of the selection process.
  • Evaluations throughout study programs: Large class sizes and increasingly international study programs lend themselves to e-assessments. Instructors can guarantee the reliability of results and students can take tests when and where it suits them best.
  • Continued education exams: Those pursuing continued education typically have to manage their education while balancing their career and/or family. Making time to go to the university and take the test at a set time can be challenging. Online exams allow students to take tests at a time and location that works best for them.

There are two types of online proctoring: live proctoring and automated proctoring. Live proctoring is remote proctoring where a person actively supervises the test-taker throughout the test. Automated proctoring, on the other hand, is completely automated and done using machine learning and facial detection technology. Automated proctoring is limitlessly scalable, while live proctoring requires extensive human resources. This discrepancy is also reflected in the respective costs.

With live proctoring, the reliability and integrity of results are highly dependent on the remote supervisor and the number of test-takers they are supervising at a given time. Live proctoring results are therefore highly variable. Of course, this is also true of exams that are supervised in person.

In the case of automated proctoring, the reliability and integrity of results depend on the tools used. By coupling different AI-supported observation tools, a comprehensive proctoring solution, that is not susceptible to human error or bias, can be developed.

The switch to online exam supervision, be it live or automated, can be stressful for students. Possible concerns are understandable and must be taken into account. It is important to communicate with students openly and provide them with clear information.

Proctorio’s is a modern alternative for exam supervision that delivers accurate, reliable exam proctoring in compliance with all applicable standards. With state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and a suite of fully automated software tools, Proctorio is the only remote proctoring platform that ensures consistent integrity before, during and after the exam. Our comprehensive learning integrity platform includes identity verification, automated test supervision, content protection, secure browser settings, computer lockout options, plagiarism detection, customisable settings, and comprehensive analysis – all at the touch of a button.

Privacy Protection:

  • Proctorio is 100% DSGVO/GDPR compliant
  • Proctorio is certified by COPPA, FERPA, and the Student Privacy Coalition
  • No third-party platforms or software are used for Proctorio’s functionality
  • No personal data is required to access an exam with Proctorio
  • No biometric data (i.e. keystroke typing) is collected
  • Data is never passed on to third parties
  • As a browser extension, Proctorio is located in a so-called sandbox that limits access to personal data on the test-taker’s computer by default
  • Exam questions will never be posted on public websites to identify secondary devices

Data Protection and Data Security:

  • Proctorio is the only platform that uses zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption. Through zero-knowledge encryption, we ensure that only the responsible institution receives the key to decrypt the data. No other party has access to the data, not even Proctorio.
  • Our test-taker’s data is secured and processed through three layers of encryption:

  1. Transmission into the datacenter is only over TLS 1.2 or 1.3 and, if the client supports it, we use Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS).
  2. Data at rest within the data center is encrypted using AES-256 and is FIPS 140-2 compliant. All data centers are ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 attested.
  3. Lastly, the zero-knowledge layer is secured using AES-GCM, using encryption keys never shared with Proctorio.

  • If a data center should fail, the data stored there is automatically transferred to another data center within the same geographic region. This is done without data loss or interruption.

About Proctorio

Proctorio, the world’s most advanced integrity platform, is secure, scalable, cost-effective and DSGVO/GDPR compliant. Their automated solutions for online testing and proctoring integrate with existing Learning Management Systems and Assessment Platforms. This seamless integration means no additional logins are required. Proctorio is dedicated to protecting academic integrity and increasing fair education opportunities around the world.

Thomas Fetsch, Proctorio, will be presenting at OEB20 on: Online exam supervision – Live Proctoring vs. Automated Proctoring.

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