OEB – My Story

It was the first time I attended the OEB as speaker. And it was a very useful experience for me and my organization.


As a speaker I had to think carefully about what to say, how to say it and why I think my message is important. I had to reflect and consider my views of learning, and which I take with me in the further development of my own organization. Being speaker gave me an experience of speaking to an audience that does not have my cultural background.


And to understand how others perceives my message, I have to reflect on how the message can be simplified with pictures that make sense to others. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a speaker, – hopefully you got some feedback on my talk that were positive, so I get the opportunity to be a speaker again at a later time.


What did I appreciate the most?


I loved the pre-conference with Jeff Borden. As I mentioned on Twitter – ” spending 3 hours with Jeff Borden at #oeb12 is like watching a great movie that engage, inspire and make you think – and the time just flies.” He came with great ideas, tips and tricks that I can share with my colleagues directly and translate into better learning.


At the conference I really enjoyed beeing at the session “You are a sheep” – with Jef Staes. He inspired me and made me think about what we are doing. Are we all sheep? If yes – how can we change? Jefs passion and talent is just what we need in a time where everybody has to change, rapidly. The first thing I did when I got back to Norway, was to spread the word – “you are not a sheep – stop acting like one”. And those who have listened to the message that Jef gave me – which I have retold, are all saying that it makes sense and that they are happy that I have attended the OEB – because they now have something to think about and that they have to reconsider their own working methods.


Social media


For me, the use of Twitter at OEB, was a revelation. I have made contact with other speakers/participants and established a network across borders that will help me do a better job – every day!


During the conference, I met several on Twitter first, then a physical meeting. Using social media gives education a new dimension and endless opportunities.


If you like to hear more of my thoughts and experiences, please let me know – I would be happy to contribute. You have certainly made a difference for me and my organization.


Frank A. Baklid


Special advisor in digital didactics at Baerum municipality, Norway

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