DGEW Challenge – Digital German Expats Wanted

In other sectors it’s quite common to search for expats working all over the globe to contribute their valuable experience and knowledge into German working environments. However, in the field of learning and teaching these links have barely been established. In collaboration with OEB we want to change this announcing our DGEW-challenge: Digital German Expat Wanted! We look for German Expats working in digital learning and innovation environments all over the planet. The Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (short HFD) – as a German networking platform on the Digital Turn in higher education – is now reaching out to search and gather this valuable expertise abroad.

Why HFD is looking for German digital expats? For the transfer of international knowledge in order to foster innovation in the German higher education sector, expats will be invited to exchange in webinars on topics such as virtual learning environments, platform solutions and institutional strategies for the digital age. Furthermore, the HFD is aiming at organising a roadshow for German expats before or after the OEB 2019. Additionally, the valuable knowledge of German expats can be integrated into the core activities such as strategy consultancy projects and conference and speaker invitations.

How to connect with HFD as German expat? Register at the Call for Experts and put “expat” as comment in the registration sheet. The HFD team is looking forward to contacting you afterwards.

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