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Jay Cross and Harold Jarche

The two leading business consultants Jay Cross and Harold Jarche recently met up in Berlin, the vibrant and ever-changing hometown of Online Educa, but not just for the usual sightseeing. Accompanied by a video camera, they used this unique setting to discuss the crucial changes and latest trends in the world of corporate learning and training.


Their conversation starts at the Berlin Stock Exchange, addressing the network era, and then moves on to the remains of the Berlin wall, where they discuss the need for freedom in training. Insights into “Personal Knowledge Management” are the focus of the conversation at the Berlin Pergamon Museum, which houses a world-renowned collection of ancient treasures. But Jay and Harold soon find themselves back in the future, at the modern Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz, where they explain the exciting concept behind their “unbook” entitled Working Smarter Fieldbook.


Watch the videos below and join them on their trip across the German capital. Of course, you can also interact with them at OEB’s Business EDUCA.


Networks & Freedom


Personal Knowledge Management


Talking Unbooks at the Sony Center in Berlin

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