Dutch Police Build Virtual City

Natascha Blijleven-Tebbe Police officers have a lot of work to do in the imaginary city of Behrloo. The virtual territory embraces a variety of realistic problems: traffic accidents, illegal hemp cultiv... Read More

Meeting the Needs of the New Learners

Wednesday, December 3rd, starts with a workshop on the Google generation in higher education. The seminar, held by Dr Judy Hardy, Prof Simon Bates and Dr Hamish Macleod from the University of Edinburgh, UK, wil... Read More

Portugal: Mobile Phones in Schools

© Ewe Degiampietro - Fotolia.com At the end of the second quarter of 2008, there were 14.3 million Mobile Telephone Service (MTS) subscribers in Portugal. This is a nearly five percent increase in the total... Read More

A Fresh Start for E-Books?

© Amazon Looking at the market, e-books seem to be enjoying a great revival at the moment. In autumn 2007, online book-selling giant Amazon introduced its e-book reading device called Kindle. The white, iPo... Read More

Discussion: Who Needs Teachers Anyway?

Dr Giselle Ferreira What could be the role of the teacher in an Open Educational Resources scenario - an education system where content is packaged in an open library concept, allowing visitors to help ... Read More
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Remote Teaching Laboratories in Chemistry

Dietmar Kennepohl is Professor of Chemistry and Associate Vice President Academic at Athabasca University, Canada's leading distance-education and online university. Over the years, his research interests have ... Read More