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Technology and Learning Trends for Schools

The SCHOOL FORUM is a conference on the latest technology-based teaching methods. It is directed toward teachers and trainee teachers, head teachers and other education specialists. The Forum explores the use of – videos, podcasts, blogs, wikis, serious games, smart boards, and school partnerships – and their implementation in the classroom. The goal is to bring educators, scientists and developers into direct dialogue.

Among the speakers is Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel, Director and CEO of the Technical University Chemnitz Education (TUCed). His keynote "From Learning with Media to Intelligent Education Networks" will report on his work in German national bodies - such as working groups in the area of Germany's "IT Summit" - and the results that can be expected, providing a forecast the planned national development.

Thomas Pilz, education specialist at the firm eG (“Secure in Internet”), will pose the question, "How to Attract German Schools out from behind the E-Moon?" He will delineate the current situation and present software solutions that have been designed by users themselves, making them excellent tools to advance the digital future perspectives in schools.

"Facebook" and the use of Web 2.0 tools are "hot topics" in the current educational debate. Should teachers and students communicate via social networks? And if so, what should the platform be used to discuss? Some federal states prohibit this activity completely, while others attempt to regulate it. The pros and cons will be discussed by the media expert for schools Matthias J. Lange.

Another speaker is Christopher Bick, co-founder of EDYOU. On a platform of the same name, he has created a secure cloud for educational institutions that offers an alternative to the use of open social networks in everyday school life. EDYOU is currently being tested in a pilot project in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg that involves cooperation between the state’s Ministry of Culture and the City of Ludwigsburg’s Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium (Otto Hahn High School).

MUED (Mathematik-Unterrichts-Einheiten-Datei e.V. - the Association “Mathematical Teaching Units”) is a nationwide initiative striving for sustainable improvement of mathematics education. Founded by Heinz Böer, a mathematics and physics teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia who was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany this past summer for his commitment and dedication, the Association seeks to provide practical support for teachers. At the SCHOOL FORUM, Michael Katzenbach, who represents MUED’s Berlin group, will discuss “Mathematics for Comprehension”.

The full programme of SCHOOL FORUM 2014 can be found here.

Education experts, policy makers, opinion leaders, principals, and teachers from primary and secondary schools from Berlin, Brandenburg, and other federal states are again expected at this year’s SCHOOL FORUM. Participation is free for teachers, trainee teachers and principals.

Impressions of the 6th School Forum can be found here.


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