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22 – 24, 2023

OEB speaker Peter Fagerström

Peter Fagerström

Founder & Executive Chairman, Educraftor, Finland

Founder and Executive Chairman of Educraftor, education innovation consultancy ( former and current clients are: the Ministry of Education and culture in Finland, Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia, Foundation Innove Estonia, National Agency of Education in Finland, 40% of all Finnish Teacher Training Schools (Universities), Erasmus+ Innovation projects, the European Commission, Microsoft (Education), startups, municipalities, cities and UNESCO Education.

Educraftor drives the #evolutionofeducation as its core mission through #craftogogy and the Educraftor Learning Ecosystem Framework.

Co-Founder and CEO
Teach Millions, a learning bazaar with 60+ portfolio companies ( Teach Millions is based on 3-pillars: 1. donations and support for education during the pandemic, 2. development aid, 3. a commercial marketplace. Part of the UNESCO Global Education coalition, supporting institutions, especially schools, across the globe with education technology and teacher training solutions. 18 regional and global partnerships.

Founding member and Advisor to the Board
Edtech Finland, the first edtech industry association in Finland (

Nordic Edtech Forum N8, a cross border Nordic (5) Baltic (3), the new Nordics (8), edtech industry association with 140+ companies across all education and learning segments (

Education Lead
the Global Help Desk, a PCI (People Centered Internet) initiative, connectivity and education innovation ecosystems implementation on a global scale.

Founder and Honorary Member
HUB Turku, co-working and makerspace (1000m2) in Turku, Finland. HUB Turku is located in the middle of Turku Old town on the oldest street still existing and only half a block from the river. It’s an regional innovation platform bringing together everything from robotics and a coding school to graphics freelancers, musicians and psychologists.

Building and orchestrating purpose driven innovation and learning ecosystems across the globe, focusing on large scale strategic and systematic change.

As an experienced consultant for regional development and management systems as well as a coach for team learning, blended learning, phenomenon based learning, education for sustainable development, entrepreneurship education and digitalisation as well as using ICT as tools for and to accelerate learning and innovation.

He implements, together with his team innovation and learning processes, in local and regional organisations as well as in networks, helping them become learning organisations and purpose driven innovation and learning ecosystems.

Peter is a serial venturepreneur (4 companies, 3 NGOs), he has also started a startup program at a university for both students and staff, co-chaired the executive board for a spearhead project for the Ministry of Education in Finland focusing on integrated entrepreneurship education, and is the initiator of three (3) startup hubs.

He has a phenomenal ability to perceive large, complex systems, and finds connections where none are apparent, enabling situations where the sum of two parts are greater than simple addition. He can work on a vision no matter how big and is not afraid to challenge conventional mindsets and the way we work, he brings positive disruption into any process.

Peter's vision is to enable all human beings to fulfil their dreams.

He does this by piecing together learning ecosystems through a plethora of projects with the end goal that together they will make possible an active learning society.

Such a society would be based on dialogue and learning and would support growth, innovation and maturity of all humanity. Learning, earning and thriving together we could easily solve the challenges we face as a human race.