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OEB speaker Anca Iordache

Anca Iordache

Global Collaboration Practice Manager, Citi Learning, Switzerland

Anca is in the role of Global Collaboration Practice Manager in Citi Learning. In her everyday work, Anca helps leaders and teams become more effective at how they learn and perform. The Collaboration Practice covers subjects as: team effectiveness, network strategies, team agility, accelerating transitions - with the goal of maturing capabilities related to these topics through thought leadership and the sourcing, curation, design, and adoption of best-in-class learning solutions.

Citi Learning provides opportunities for Citi colleagues to develop the skills required for their own and the company’s success today, and in the future. We approach this with the philosophy of building learning into day to day work as well as through initiatives such as culture change programs; collaboration forums; performance support tools; Leadership Labs.

Anca joined Citi in 2002 and held a variety of roles across our HR Function, working from Romania, Switzerland and UK. Prior to leading the Collaboration Practice, Anca acted as a Senior Learning Advisor for Citi’s Private Bank Business. Anca is passionate about the future of work and thriving to develop a culture of workplace learning. She enjoys playing with new tools that augment people’s capabilities, and enable groups access their collective intelligence.