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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

OEB speaker Joleen Liang

Joleen Liang

Founding Member of the Artificial Intelligence + Adaptive Education Conference and Partner at Squirrel AI Learning, China

Joleen Liang is a Partner at Squirrel AI Learning, the leading AI+ education innovator at the forefront of K12 AI revolution. Within 4 years, Squirrel AI Learning has established more than 1,800 learning centers in China and hosted the first series of certified human-vs-AI competitions in the Asia-Pacific region and proved the AI’s success. Squirrel AI Learning is included in the TOP 20 Chinese artificial intelligence Unicorn companies in 2018.

After joining Squirrel AI Learning, Joleen created the “Squirrel AI" brand and successfully put the brand under the spotlight globally. Joleen is also a founding member of Artificial Intelligence + Adaptive Education (AIAED) Conference, an international conference focusing on important trends emerging from AI technology that applied to next-generation education and how these advances can impact adaptive human learning at scale and in various contexts.

Joleen is also a successful serial entrepreneur who built a number of brands and raised over 100 million RMB. She was a main guest for the famous TV programe “Only you” and “Virtual Business School" of CCTV2. She was invited to speak at World Summit AI Montreal together with Yoshua Bengio. She is a speaker at many EdTech and AI conferences talks, such as ACM UMAP, IJCAI, KDD, Tsinghua University, Tech Crunch, UBS, BETT, Oreilly, and a number of other conferences. Joleen is an Oxford graduate in Business Management.


Session PLE101