Pre-Conference Workshop FD1

Serious e-Learning: Integrating Learning Science with Experience Design

Date Wednesday, Nov 30  Time   –      Price: 320.00 €   Status: places available

Workshop leader

Speaker image of Quinn

Clark Quinn

Quinnovation, USA


This workshop takes learning design beyond the basics, and dives deep into the learning sciences to add substance to each of the elements of a learning experience. Participants will come away with specific steps along the design process to develop and deliver elearning that has a real impact on the ability to do. Too much of e-learning is being developed as content presentation and knowledge test, and the evidence is that such experiences don’t lead to persistent and real changes. Yet with simple changes to processes, learning can tap into what’s know about how our brains work in ways that will yield real outcomes.

Most of e-learning is failing in matching what’s known about learning science. From the wrong objectives, through content presentation and under-explored examples to abstract and inappropriate practice, what we know from learning science isn’t adequately dealt with. To compound matters, most e-learning is also missing the emotional component, addressing learner motivation, anxiety, and confidence. And that’s not to mention the social aspect. Yet, e-learning could be a powerful tool for achieving real impacts on the ability of individuals to acquire new abilities and skills. The opportunity is there, even under real world constraints, but the knowledge to design and develop such e-learning isn’t sufficiently spread. In this workshop, the intent is to go deeper than surface e-learning, unpacking the science behind each of the elements, and developing a process that can systematically, reliably, and repeatedly deliver learning experiences that engage and are effective educationally.


1 hour Cognitive Science 101: Understanding learning
1 hour Developing Meaningful Objectives: working with SMEs
1 hour Practice Developing Practice: making learners do
1 hour ‘Content’ that connects: Designing Concepts and Examples
1 hour Emotional Enhancement: Elements that Engage
1 hour Putting it together: Designing Processes

Target Audience

All sectors, HE, Corp, Gov, even K12

Prerequisite Knowledge

Learners ideally will have experience with basic Instructional Design


The workshop will start with getting meaningful objectives, move to designing practice that engages the necessary cognitive processes, talk about the power of models as the basis for action and the methods to get them, and unpack the necessary elements that create effective examples. In addition, creating introductions and closings that prepare the learner affectively as well as cognitively for the learning experience, and close it as well, will be covered. The goal is to take participants from a rote understanding of learning design to real learning engineering; applying science to create learning that makes a difference.