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Presentation HIG113

Fostering Engagement with Learning Contents Using Gamification and Microlearning

There are many ways to engage students throughout their learning process, such as for example interaction in classroom sessions, collaboration on exercises and tasks, or gamified elements in synchronous and asynchronous settings.

In this session we will present an experiment where we have incorporated various of these elements (with a focus on gamification and microlearning) in a pre-existing university course. We will look at how both participation and learning outcomes have changed from one year to another: did the new elements really added value? Did they increase learning success and improve retention, and/or motivate students to engage more than before?

Learning Outcomes

  • How gamified interactions and microlearning can be introduced to a specific university course setting.
  • How gamification and microlearning can influence learning success in university courses.
  • How gamification and microlearning can motivate students to engage with materials more than in a traditional online learning setting


OEB speaker Johanna Braun

Johanna Braun

University of Zurich, Switzerland