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Presentation HIG112

The Use of Marketing for Learning: Expanding the Notion of User Engagement through a Drip Marketing Campaign

Over the past two years we have being working on creating new learning offerings for our staff members at the United Nations with a goal: Making our "Blue Line" platform a lifelong learning habit. We created a community of more than 20 thousand participants with more than 40 curated online modules. As the offerings increase, as well as the users, it is important to keep learners motivated and do not lose track of them. So, in order to complement the user experience, we decided to communicate with them, bringing also back and reconnecting with some we had lost along the way.

For this aim, we decided to create a campaign with the following objectives:

  • Complement user engagement besides the LMS infrastructure through marketing drip campaigns
  • Re-engagement of our learners: bring back participants who had an account in our platform but were not active on it.
  • Repositioning our platform: dispelling assumptions about the platform (for example, it exists for compliance training only). Instead, we wanted our users to know that The Blue Line is the place to go for learning opportunities that help employees progress and make an impact through their role at the UN.

The first thing needed to create our strategy was to define our Learner Personas. These were fictional representations of the people who utilise The Blue Line which allowed us to tailor our marketing tactics and approaches to their wants and needs. Analyzing the registration forms data that people fill in once they register into our platform, we extracted useful information to build the Learner Personas and segment our target in 3 groups:  

  1. Oblivious Oliver: non-users - those who have Blue Line accounts, but have never logged into the platform.
  2. Advice taker Alice: for inactive users - those who have logged into The Blue Line at some point but haven't done so this month.
  3. Motivated Matthew: for active users - those who have logged into the platform in the last month

Through an email drip campaign, we then reached out to these 3 different types of our audience with different messages.

We also reinforced our campaign with social media adverts and one-pagers for learning focal points in the respective agencies, with the goal of educating them about our platform, so they could do it with their employees.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Re-engage participants using drip marketing.
  • Increase learner engagement using drip marketing.
  • Use automations for eLearning purposes.


OEB speaker Laura Pomares

Laura Pomares

United Nations System Staff College, Italy