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23 – 25


Presentation HIG114

What We Learned from Building Scylla University

When I started working at ScyllaDB, we didn't have any formal methodologies for training. The training was done ad-hoc, or for lack of choice, we would refer our users to other sources of information.

In the last 3 years, I led an effort to create Scylla University, an online, free, self-paced learning resource center for our users. Scylla University is now a leading source of NoSQL training and is widely used.

In this talk, I'll cover our journey of creating Scylla University with tips, lessons learned, metrics, and more. I willl also talk about how we use blended learning and a mix of self-paced and live training to enhance the user experience.

By attending, you'll have a chance to learn from our mistakes and get inspiration and ideas on how you can improve your training, and how you can leverage new technologies for elearning.

Learning Outcomes

  • To evaluate different delivery platforms for learning content
  • Pros and cons of different delivery methods such as video, text, slides, hands-on labs, hands-on learning platforms like Katacoda
  • How to engage with trainees in an open-source and free learning environment


OEB speaker Guy Shtub

Guy Shtub

ScyllaDB, Israel