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23 – 25


Interactive Breakout Session HIG104

How to Create a Learning Podcast: Featuring a Live Recording of the 'Great Minds on Learning' Podcast

The 'Great Minds on Learning' (GMoL) podcast has been widely acclaimed within the learning community for its engaging and immersive approach to explaining 2,500 years of learning theory, profiling thinkers from Aristotle to the present day. In each episode Donald Clark, described by one listener as 'a proper expert, fountain of knowledge, and excellent communicator on all things learning', joins John Helmer to discuss a group of 'great minds'. Past episodes have covered Cognitivists, Behaviourists, Workflow Learning, the Enlightenment, and the Greeks.
For the first part of this presentation, Co-host and Showrunner John Helmer explains the genesis of GMoL, the use of podcasting as a learning medium, and gives valuable practical advice to anybody setting up their own learning podcast.
The second part will feature the live recording of an episode of the GMoL podcast entitled 'The Internet as Knowledge', in which Donald and John will discuss Bush, Englebert, Wiley, Shirky and Lanier, for broadcast as part of Season 3.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand better the use of podcasts as a medium for learning
  • Advance planning for the launching of your own learning podcast
  • Encounter, or advance your understanding of, the thought of five key theorists on the internet and its importance for learning



OEB speaker John Helmer

John Helmer

Learning Hack Podcast, UK