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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



How to Take Your Virtual Classroom from Good to Great

You may have felt an initial reluctance to deliver learning live online, but by now have embraced the wonder of the webinar and virtual classroom.

As individuals and organisations, the time has come to advance our skills to ensure our offerings are at the standard that workplaces & education institutions need and employees & students expect. Are you confident that you are at that standard? Would you like to know how what the next steps are to go “above and beyond”?

Solid knowledge of learning theories, online design and online facilitation skills are just some of the factors that will take virtual classrooms to the next level. This session will start with an introduction on key skills and key ideas to help you identify where you can advance. This is followed by a conversation to discuss your practical questions to make sure that everyone can keep benefitting from the value of virtual classrooms in the future.


OEB speaker Jo Cook

Jo Cook

Live Online Learning Specialist, Lightbulb Moment, UK