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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Helping Students Consider the Impact of Digital Technologies

If educators have an obligation to teach students to think about the impact of digital technologies, how can this best be done? Students will need to be provided with essential facts as well as with general capabilities that enable them to consider the role of a technology/technologies. In order to achieve this, educators must use structured methods and tried-and-tested tools to support students. Asking the right questions will be key: is a specific digital technology the only and best solution to a certain problem? Is the technology transparent? Inclusive? Sustainable? Join Rens van der Vorst to discuss techno-ethics and how students can be taught to make smart decisions about technologies, for instance by using the (free, open) Technology Impact Cycle Tool (TICT).


OEB speaker Rens van der Vorst

Rens van der Vorst

Technophilosopher, Author, Researcher, Fontys University of Applied Science, The Netherlands