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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Teachable and Learnable Resilience Skills

For years we have talked about change in L&D and in Higher Education institutions, but last year the talking stopped. It was time for action. The shift to online teaching and training has not been easy for everyone. At the same time, there is more opportunity than ever before for digital learning to have a positive impact on all organisations.
In this session you’ll have a chance to meet and engage with others who are making sure that learning can have a bigger impact by investigating “resilience” in a pragmatic way. If we view resilience as having the capacity to re-shape, to develop the adaptive capacity to change, then we allows ourselves to approach the concept as a method, with a set of skills that are learnable and teachable. This approach can be applied to individuals, teams and organisations in their drive for resilience. How can these skills be acquired? How will you adapt to support resilience? What are your team’s needs to keep the pace and stay afloat? Make sure to join this conversation.


OEB speaker Irina Matthews

Irina Matthews

GÉANT Vereniging (Association), UK