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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021




Learning is the Key to Innovation

Date Thursday, Dec 2  Time   –   

Learning is often still seen as hurdle to overcome and to get done with. It is regularly portrayed as happening in a box (e.g. institution, classroom) controlled by a teacher. When speaking about learners, we sometimes tend to describe them as the passive “subject” to the learning processes - assessed, taught, engaged, and re-assessed. In a world of constant change - technological, social or in terms of business models - innovation requires experimentation and grappling with immature new concepts which are evolving as we try to apply them. We learn them as we create them. The learner is often an active shaper of the learning process. The teacher becomes a coach to a learning team. Often teachers and learners switch roles in innovation processes. This requires us to overcome stereotypes associated with learning and to rethink the value and process of learning in schools, training centers and especially in business. Our didactic concepts are impacted by the same technological change - from a learning content and a learning format perspective. We better start to rethink learning.

Participants should walk away with a sense of urgency or the reassurance that establishing a new learning culture and model is of essential importance to drive innovation and change in business. They should start to rethink current set-ups and structures to provide a learning opportunity that allows for a learning experience that supports and brings together students and professionals in project-based settings that are relevant and embedded into the business reality.


OEB speaker Hans Jörg Stotz

Hans Jörg Stotz

Member of the Management Board, Festo Didactic SE