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The global, cross-sector conference on
technology supported learning and training

November 30 – December 4

Panel Session TRA218

Identifying and Alliviating Stressors to Improve Wellbeing and Learning

Recognising students suffering from stressors inside traditional classrooms may be a challenging task to accomplish. However, identifying and supporting students that are overwhelmed, that deal with mental health issues or are in poverty in an online or home (schooling) environment is often even beyond the scope of the teacher’s attention.

In this session you will hear about innovative pedagogical strategies as well as tools and infrastructures that can help with recognising, assessing and relieving stress levels in both online and traditional learning environments.

OEB speaker Laura Jane Sharpe

Laura Jane Sharpe

See Me Scotland, UK

OEB speaker Dieter Dohmen

Dieter Dohmen

FiBS Research Institute for the Economics of Education and Social Affairs, Germany

OEB speaker Katharina Hammler

Katharina Hammler

Fundación Paraguaya, Paraguay