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The global, cross-sector conference on
technology supported learning and training

November 30 – December 4

Panel Session TRA207

Inspiring Schools' Digital Capacities

The integration of digital technologies in schools is no longer a question, but it does often remain a challenge.

In this session we will explore grounds for success and drivers for school transformation processes, as well as best practices. What can we learn about leadership from innovative schools that are following a digital strategy, that are building digital capacity, and that are using digital learning successfully?

What might an effective pedagogically informed use of edtech look like, when it is tailored to the profile, the needs and the vision of a school? How can governments and policymakers better support our schools?

OEB speaker Jacqueline Daniell

Jacqueline Daniell

Wey Education PLC, UK

OEB speaker Micha Pallesche

Micha Pallesche

Ernst-Reuter-Schule Karlsruhe, Germany

OEB speaker Uta Hauck-Thum

Uta Hauck-Thum

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

OEB speaker Paul Bacsich

Paul Bacsich

Matic Media Ltd, UK

OEB speaker Maria del Mar Camacho Martí

Maria del Mar Camacho Martí

Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Spain

OEB speaker Nikoleta Giannoutsou

Nikoleta Giannoutsou

European Commission, Spain

OEB speaker James Wilding

James Wilding

Claires Court School, UK