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Spotlight Stage SPL215

Neela Parmar: Remote Learning in Practice

At last, in a time of crisis, teachers and students have all embraced online learning....

In reality though, we have seen a varied response from the start of lockdown until today. Whereas some schools have only managed to contact students via email, more established technology rich schools, have taken remote learning to a whole different level, opening their virtual doors at 8:30am from Monday to Friday.

There are many theories which suggest how to deliver online teaching but in times like this, where expectations of parents and students still mirror a traditional classroom experience, what is working well?

In this session on our Spotlight Stage Neela Parmar will discuss: How to set up a virtual school; Online pedagogical practices ;Safeguarding Concerns; Parental Involvement and; Continuity of Learning.

OEB speaker Neelam Parmar

Neelam Parmar

Ashford School, UK