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Panel Session SKL129

"Doing" and "Making": How to Support Project Based Learning and Makerculture?

A key element of project-based learning and of maker culture in education is the opportunity to experiment and to "learn-through-doing" in social environments.

We will discuss the impact of PBL and makerspaces on fundamental learning. And, as supporting students' self-organisation capabilities is such an important aspect: how can institutions best go about creating a makerspace and significant scaffolding, in order to support these capabilities? In addition the session will explore if maker culture is compatible with different disciplines, including digital humanities.

OEB speaker Eric Van Gennip

Eric Van Gennip

Avans University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Lyonel Kaufmann

Lyonel Kaufmann

HEP Vaud, Switzerland

OEB speaker Eva Lindig

Eva Lindig

Code University, Germany