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Taking place virtually from Nov 30 – Dec 4

Panel Session SKL118

Trusted Badge Systems and Digital (Micro) Credentials Solutions: Progression to a Standard

Skills, competencies and achievements gained through learning experiences have great value for career opportunities. Provided that online badges and credentials are backed by robust programmes, they can provide much-needed context for employers and some may even become more meaningful than formal qualifications.

As we seem to be heading for a jobs "cliff", this panel will discuss the role of credentials and badges as trusted, powerful signals and the ways to progress to adoption standards, to ensure their all-important robustness.

OEB speaker Perrine De Coëtlegon

Perrine De Coëtlegon

Université de Lille, France

OEB speaker Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson

GA Partnership, UK

OEB speaker Garnet Berry

Garnet Berry

LinkedIn Learning, Ireland

OEB speaker Rupert Ward

Rupert Ward

University of Huddersfield, UK