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Taking place virtually from Nov 30 – Dec 4

Panel Session LEN109

Testing Times for Feedback, Assessments and Examinations?

COVID-19 has been the impetus that forced many schools and universities to change traditional assessment and examination procedures. We will discuss the most helpful types of feedback, analytics and personalised learning pathways, as well as how to organise and supervise (online) exams and their functionality and requirements.

OEB speaker Just Kjærgård Pedersen

Just Kjærgård Pedersen

Cphbusiness, Denmark

OEB speaker Marjut Anderson

Marjut Anderson

CSC - Finnish IT Center for Science, Finland

OEB speaker Liisa Kallio

Liisa Kallio

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

OEB speaker Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton

EdTech Ventures Limited, Ireland

OEB speaker Pamela Burnard

Pamela Burnard

University of Cambridge, UK