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Taking place virtually from Nov 30 – Dec 4

Panel Session LEN108

Learning Experiences in Physical, Online and Hybrid Learning Spaces

Though online, remote learning and training still takes place in "a" physical space too - in homes, offices, libraries etc. etc.

Research in this session sheds light on the traditional classroom delivery format versus virtual classroom delivery: what are the variables that influence learning effectiveness? What are the fundamental needs of students in hybrid learning environments? How can we integrate active, contextualized, virtual learning experiences in physical learning spaces?

OEB speaker Katja Ninnemann

Katja Ninnemann

SRH Higher Education, Germany

OEB speaker Julia Fuessel

Julia Fuessel

Ernst & Young GmbH WPG, Germany

OEB speaker Sandra Garcia Elfau

Sandra Garcia Elfau

EIT InnoEnergy, Spain

OEB speaker Ellen Van de Woestijne

Ellen Van de Woestijne

Barco, Belgium